6 Ways To Promote Your Business Online in Sri Lanka For Free

There are number of ways to promote your business online. If you starting your business in Sri Lanka these methods will be useful to you when you promote your business for Free.

6 Ways To Promote Your Business Online in Sri Lanka For Free

1. Use Popular Local Advertising Services

When you register your business with Google Places, it becomes easier to find on Google searches and appears on Google Maps. Simply fill out the form and register, then get your business validated through their confirmation process, which can be done via phone or snail mail. Yahoo! also has a large company database called Yahoo! Local.

You can register on few free advertising websites just like admonster.lk. It is totally free to register on admonster.lk and start selling your products and services.

2. Use social media networks 

Social media is not only an exhibition tool to spend in time. It can be use to Announce and offer your products and services directed to your customers on Twitter and on your Facebook page. LinkedIn networking, both personal and company, can help your start up. 

3. Start a Blog

Not only does a blog aid your company in its own name, it is also a tool to engage more directly with your consumers. Nevertheless, one of the main elements to blogging is to maintain your stream as often as possible. Nothing is worth a dormant, abandoned blog.

4. Upload YouTube and Facebook Video multimedia.

YouTube offers the free opportunity to broadcast creative promotional videos, but you have to create material that is relevant to your brand, a simple commercial that does not function. To succeed. You can also have a Facebook page to assist you combine all your images and link to your website by giving you a single spot to use. 

5. SEO your website

In the world of constant Googling, optimization of search engines cannot be overlooked. Pick up a book or head for an online SEO guidance document and ensure that your site is prepared for search engine performance. 

6. Join and contribute to a relevant online community

Each expertise offers online communities in which you can participate. But signing up for a forum and posting about your company every once in a while is not good for anyone and is just probably annoying. Put your business actively into and create a relation with the community. Promote your business passively by inserting or referencing a link in your signature only when your context is relevant. 

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