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Are you looking for an accurate pH meter, specially made for laboratory and

industrial use? Hanna pH meter is the best solution. PH is one of the most

important parameters, commonly used in industries of farming, pharmaceuticals,

food and water. As the number one pH meter supplier in Sri Lanka, there is a large

collection of portable pH meters, bench top pH meters, food pH meters and many

other meters that suit your specific needs.

Our digital pH meter features a large

LCD color display with a rugged design and smart technology. You can measure any

pH value from 0pH up to 14pH with great accuracy of +_0.2pH. The acidic

solutions have a value lower than 7pH while the alkaline solutions measure

greater than 7pH. The neutral solutions occupy a measurement of 7pH. It is an

ideal pH meter for water that calculates the rightest pH in the water of swimming

pools, aquariums, wastewater treatment plants and industrial and domestic sewage


Never worry about its sensor thanks to the integrated sensor quality check.

Certified by RoHS and FCC as one of the best pH meters for sale in Sri Lanka.

Milwaukee pH meter also occupies 3 feet probe cables for extra flexibility when

testing and a low power consumption with 300 hours of continuous use. Buy it right

now. Let’s offer the lowest price ever found for such a multi-skilled instrument.

Now available islandwide at a cheap price of 4000LKR. Call Ruwan D Alviz @ Nano Zone Trading


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