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Timber is the most important thing in the business of furniture manufacturing. Even it is just a small workshop , it is necessary to run moisture checkups more often to reduce the wastage of timber. today, we have introduced a compact and the lowest price wood moisture meter in sri lanka . It's easy to use , handheld device with a highly accurate reading.

This digital wood moisture meter for sale  has an external probe to reach out the small pieces of timber as well. With the technology of automatic temperature recompense, it gives you more accurate readings based on the electrical resistance of your materials.  A digital display with a backlight will indicate the readings, even if you are running out of battery, it gives an alert. In case you have no time to charge before the battery dies, the device still can hold into your data. Usually, it is an excellent energy-saving device, powered by 9 volts 6f22 battery, automatically switched off after five minutes of your last reading. Fully charged battery can serve for around four to six hours without a hassle.  So it is definitely going to be a good investment for your business to save your timber from the dampness.   

not only this instrument we also import and distribute many kinds of grain moiture meter in sri lanka. those meters are ideal to check the dampness of grains like wheat, corn, rice and paddy.


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